How to know when your windows need replacing

How to know when your windows need replacing

  • Posted. 30 March 2021
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Nothing lasts forever, not even your windows. That’s right. They’re easy to ignore as a permanent fixture in your home, but your windows might be older than you think — especially if they’ve been there since before you moved in! 

What’s wrong with them being old? New double glazed windows are more energy-efficient than old windows. It’s just a fact.  Windows that are suffering from long-term wear and tear perform much less effectively than new windows and could even be costing you money. 

Want the good news? It’s often obvious when your windows need replacing. And the bad news? These signs come in the form of issues with your windows. Even if you have no idea how old your windows are, if you’re experiencing one or more problems with them, it might be time to invest in high-quality replacements.

So, what are some telltale signs that your windows need replacing? Read on to find out…

Increased energy bills

If your energy bills are higher now than they were a few years ago, your windows might be too old to function properly.

Old windows are less insulative than new ones and do a poor job of keeping the warm air inside your home. As the warmth can quickly escape through the panes and cold air from the outside has an easier time getting in, your heating has to work harder to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Unfortunately, this shows up as high energy bills.

Of course, if you know that your windows are relatively new or there’s another reason why your bills are likely to be high, then your windows might be perfectly functional. Still, if you have high energy bills in combination with a few of these other signs, they’re likely past their prime.

Replace your windows with energy-efficient glazing and reap the benefits!

Windows difficult to open and close

Windows that are difficult to open are annoying. But more importantly, they’re dangerous! If you ever need to escape your home (e.g. if there’s a fire), having stiff windows might cause you serious problems.

On the other hand, windows that are difficult to close can leave your home vulnerable to draughts. Even minor issues with the seal on your windows can dramatically reduce their energy efficiency and put pressure on your heating system. As we’ve just mentioned, these increased energy costs really do add up!

Whether opening or closing your windows is the issue, don’t ignore it! It’s time for them to go.

Windows warping or showing signs of rot

When water gets trapped around your window frames, it creates the perfect environment for mould to grow. If you have wooden frames, this can lead to a rot issue which can cause irreversible damage to your windows. 

Treating mould and rot as soon as you notice it can put a stop to the problem. But leave it for too long, and your window’s integrity will be compromised. 

As well as causing mould and rot, moisture can also cause your windows to warp. In both these instances, the best long-term solution is to replace your windows.

Your house is less soundproof

High-quality windows should do a decent job of reducing the extent to which you can hear noises from the street inside your home. If your home is less ‘soundproof’ than it used to be, your windows might have ineffective seals. If this is the case, (that’s right, you’ve guessed it!) they need to be replaced.

To reduce sound, you need a barrier. And the more effective the barrier, the more successful your attempt to reduce noise transmission will be. 

This means that double glazing will always be more effective than single glazing at soundproofing your home. Not only does double glazing contain two panes of glass (rather than one), there’s also an Argon-filled gap between them which further helps with noise reduction. Get high quality, A-rated double glazed replacements, and you’ll never look back.

Luckily, most reputable providers now fit double glazed windows as standard (regardless of the window style). 

Of course, if you’re looking for even more insulation, triple glazing is also an option.

Whether your current windows are single glazed (and never very soundproof to begin with) or  double glazed, old age will rob them of their soundproofing abilities. If noise is disturbing you, don’t put up with it forever! Replace your windows and experience a world of difference.

You can feel draughts coming through the window frame

As we’ve mentioned, high energy bills can mean your windows aren’t functioning properly. But what’s the cause of this inefficiency?

If you feel draughts coming through the frame when you stand next to your windows, their seals might have worn away. As this allows cold air to enter your home, it can put a strain on your heating. 

If this is the issue, you can replace the seal (as a temporary solution) or replace your windows — the most cost-effective long-term solution.

Windows leak in rainy weather

Following on from our last point, if a window is letting rain into your house, you almost definitely have an issue with the seal. 

If your windows aren’t doing their job — which is keeping your house protected from the elements, then what’s the point in having them? While a temporary fix might keep out the rain for a while, it’s not going to work forever. We always recommend getting a quality window replacement as soon as possible — you’ll just waste time and money postponing it!

There is condensation between your glass panes

Do your windows fog up all the time? Are you never able to wipe the fog away from either the outside or inside? Unfortunately, this might be because you have a “blown seal” in your double glazed windows. 

The seal in double glazed windows is crucial to their proper functioning. It keeps the insulative Argon gas trapped inside and also prevents moisture from entering the space. When the seal is broken, the Argon escapes. Air then enters it, and with it — moisture.

This might be due to errors in the manufacturing process (which is why it’s so important to use a reliable window provider), but it can also happen when your windows are damaged by some sort of impact. 

What can you do? Getting a complete window replacement is your best bet.

Note: You’re most likely to notice this fogging in the winter months. When the warm air inside your house is trying to escape and enters the window cavity, it hits the (extra cold) outer pane and condenses to form fog.

We’re here to help

If you’ve reflected on your window situation and are ready to replace your panes, give us a call or drop by our Hayle showroom. We provide A-rated double glazed windows in a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles. To see some examples, check out our brochures!