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Here at St. Ives Windows, we are proud to manufacture high-quality products, so once installed in your home, they’ll last for years to come. However, we also offer an insurance-backed guarantee for your peace of mind.

Should you have any issues with any products installed by St. Ives Windows, all you have to do is get in touch. Whether something has broken, or it isn’t performing to the standard promised, we will try to help as much as we can. As long as it has been less than 10 years since the item was manufactured, we will, at our discretion, carry out repairs or replacements on PVCu windows, aluminium windows and doors, for free. 

When you choose St. Ives Windows to carry out home improvements, we give you a contract with our full terms and conditions, so you can see whether your issue is covered by our guarantee. Please keep hold of your contract, so if any issues arise, we can check that you are covered. 

While our products are designed to be low maintenance, there are a few things you can do to ensure they look good for as long as possible. If you take care of your windows or doors from St. Ives and follow our instructions, they will look new for years and you are less likely to have issues. You’ll find some simple maintenance instructions below, and when we install your home improvements, we’ll also give you tailored advice on how to take care of your products.

Caring for uPVC products

It couldn’t be easier to take care of uPVC.

You can keep uPVC products clean by wiping them down with soapy, warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. You should avoid using scouring pads or anything that can scratch your window frames, and don’t use abrasive products like metal polish or glass cleaner, as they can damage certain finishes. 

At times, warm, soapy water isn’t enough for stubborn marks. In which case, you can use a uPVC cleaner. 

uPVC windows have a drainage slot that can be found between the external sill and bottom of the window, or on the inside of a sash window. Make sure this is kept free of debris, as if they are blocked, you may get condensation.


Caring for glass

Glass can naturally have some small blemishes and imperfections, even the quality glass made by St. Ives Windows. We follow guidelines from the Glass & Glazing Federation to ensure our glass meets their requirements.

Glass doesn’t need much care. You can simply use a glass cleaning product and kitchen roll to give them a fresh shine.

Spray the glass with the cleaner, including the corners, then take the kitchen roll and give it a good wipe until it’s almost all gone. You can then take a fresh piece of kitchen roll and completely dry it, buffing the glass for the perfect finish. Repeat on the outside if you can. 

Outside glass

Your external glass should be cleaned every four months. Most people use a window cleaning service, or you can do it yourself with warm, soapy water, then use glass cleaner as above for the perfect finish.

Metal and hardware

A light engineering oil like 3-in-1 or similar can be used to lubricate metal to metal joints. If your windows or doors have locking mechanisms, friction stays, hinges or similar, lubricate them once a year.

If you have rollers on your door bolts, then these should be lubricated once a year. You can use a light grease such as lanolin. 

Cleaning your hardware

You should clean your window or door’s hardware every four months. 

Dust and dirt can be removed using a damp chamois leather. Because we use specialist polishings and coatings, you shouldn’t need to regularly polish your hardware for it to stay looking good.

You shouldn’t use abrasive products on your hardware. This includes metal polish, acetone and scouring pads.

Tips for cleaning

Avoid scratching your glass when cleaning it by removing jewellery such as rings, watches and bracelets.

Stay safe when cleaning. Don’t walk on a bay roof and never lean your ladder on a window frame, guttering or glass. To access the space above a bay window, you may need to use scaffolding.


Handles simply need a wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt or dust and should then be dried thoroughly.


Seals are an important part of your windows or doors, as they stop heat escaping from your home or draughts coming in. Simply give seals a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep them clean. If a seal comes loose, it can usually be slid back into place.

Composite doors

Composite doors require a very small amount of maintenance to stay secure and looking good. You’ll find some tips below.


Composite doors work hard to protect you and your home, but it’s not hard to look after them. Here’s how to care for each part of the door:

Door Leaf

Remove dirt and grime with warm, soapy water and dry with a cloth,

Door frame

Clean the door frame with warm, soapy water. 

External glass

External glass can be cleaned with warm, soapy water, and glass cleaner used for shine.

Leaded glass

You may notice natural oxidation over time, which is normal. Leaded glass can be cleaned with the same method as normal glass. 

Door hardware

Use warm water with a mild detergent and a clean cloth to wipe clean and shine. Use 3-in-1 or a similar light engineering oil on moving parts. This is especially important in areas like St. Ives as you are close to the coast. 


Lubricate hinges with light engineering oil once a year.

Cylinder locks

Use a Teflon-based lubricant. Avoid using oil or graphite powder.

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