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Get up to £100 for each old window & door towards new ones!

When we take your old windows and doors away, we don’t just despose of them in landfill. We care about our planet and do everything we can to look after it. At St Ives Windows we pledge to recycle as much as we can of every single window we take out. What we can’t reuse ourselves we send to a recycler who can. Since that means they’re worth money, it’s only fair that we pass this value back to you. The more you change the more you save!

Every month we recycle:

  • 60 tonnes of scrap glass
  • 3 tonnes of metal
  • 400 tonnes of PVCu offcuts

All this reduces our manufacturing and energy costs whilst reducing the impact on the environment.   And that’s why we can give you up to £100 for each of your old windows & doors!