Create a Pub Garden at Home and Beat the Queues

Create a Pub Garden at Home and Beat the Queues

For those of us that have missed the pub throughout this long lockdown, it finally feels like there’s a light on the horizon. However, as there are certain restrictions still in place, pubs are getting booked up weeks in advance, and lengthy queues are expected throughout the summer. 

If that sounds like the least appealing thing in the world to you, and you’ve got a garden at your disposal, then it’s not too late to set up your own lockdown bar at home!

Convert your Shed or Garage into a Bar:

Got a dusty old shed or garage going spare? Why not give it a new lease of life by converting it into a pub for you and your friends and family?

A shed-to-pub makeover is one of the most popular home DIY projects of the past summer, and for good reason. It’s hardly as difficult as it may at first seem: the bulk of the work is taking out panels to create a bar window, and repainting the shed to give it more of a sleek, night-out feel. If you think a shed conversion might be the perfect summer project for you, then this guide provides a straightforward walkthrough to get you started. 

Most DIY guides advise sourcing old wooden pallets, which are constantly being upcycled and therefore should be easy to procure for free. Pallets can be used for everything from shelving and furniture to serving as the foundation of the bar itself. In addition, they can even be dismantled so that you can use the panels to support other bar paraphernalia such as optics.

To give your new shed bar that really authentic pub feel, you might consider sourcing some pub furniture. Usually, pubs will save money on furniture by buying in bulk, but since you’re unlikely to be hosting that many people, it’s advisable for you to try buying second hand.

Garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular as a way of maximising space and increasing the value of a property, and bars are quickly catching up with home gyms as the preferred purpose of the garage space. Garages are quite a bit more work than sheds to convert, but they offer significantly greater scope for creativity and longevity.

Some things to consider include insulating your garage as you would the rest of your home, to regulate both the temperature and the noise. In addition, adding appropriate mood lighting and painting your garage an inviting colour will have a transformative effect on the space and tie the aesthetic of your garage bar together for all your visitors. You will still be able to make good use of other handy tips mentioned above, such as modifying the space with wooden palettes.



Illuminating your Pub Garden with Stylish Lighting Choices

All of your excellent work in putting together the perfect home pub garden will have gone to waste if you can’t utilise it late into the evenings. Now it’s time to source the perfect mood lighting to put the cherry on top of a great piece of DIY.

The various types of lighting on offer are nearly limitless, and the suggestions here are by no means exhaustive. For instance, festoon lighting is a classic and stylish choice beloved of real pub gardens across the country, and it looks great at home as well. To combine practicality and beauty, you could line the pathways of your garden with tier lights or bollard lights, and even add a heat lamp to your beer garden for guests to use on those chilly autumn evenings. For the most ambitious DIYers among you, solve the problem of heat and light in your garden with a beautiful firepit.

It’s important to think outside the box, and to make use of what your home has in terms of lighting. Why not add strip lighting to your exterior windows, or better yet, your conservatory? Doing so will make efficient use of the space you have, and even improve the look of your home in general.


Ideas for if you don’t have much space:

Bar Table on Wheels: If you don’t have the space to build a complete pub garden in your garden, then never fear. With a portable bar table, you can set up your bar anywhere, in any space. Many bar tables also come with handy drinks storage space, complete with built-in ice buckets.

Fold-down bar table: A stylish choice for a small garden, a wall-mounted, fold-out table makes efficient use of space and looks great in the process! Any exterior wall can become a bar with a bit of DIY ingenuity, and can be ready to go on short notice, which is ideal for the English summer. Check out this handy guide on how to make your own wall-mounted table bar with pallets and chains.


Ideas for if you have lots of space:

When you’ve got the square footage in your garden, the possibilities for alcoholic creativity become positively limitless. For instance, you may opt for something a bit more bespoke than a pub garden simulacrum. 

Exotic options include a cocktail bar lounge – mixing the aforementioned pallets with bamboo and straw – or combining the bar with an outdoor kitchen space, ideal for alfresco dining on a warm summer evening. 

Here are some more innovative ideas to spur your creative spirits, but remember: this is a DIY project, and the end result will be dependent on what your budget, your ambition, and your garden will allow. 

Enjoy your home pub, and have a drink for us!